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WTHF's summer associate program is the central focus of our recruiting efforts. Through our summer program, we are able to expose law students to every aspect of the firm's practice and its attorneys, as well as assess the abilities of the summer associates as future Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald attorneys. The program has been very successful in helping us build our firm from the bottom up with talented attorneys.

Summer associates are given a broad range of assignments designed to expose them to the firm's practice. We also strive to allow summer associates to work with as many attorneys as possible, including the most senior partners at the firm. Summer associate assignments range from short, one day legal research issues to the preparation of extensive legal briefs, motions, and other pleadings. The substantive issues addressed by our summer associates relate to all areas of our practice, from complex evidentiary and civil procedure issues to more substantive contract and construction issues.

In addition to traditional work assignments, we strongly encourage our summer associates to gain additional experience through observing our attorneys in action. We frequently arrange for summer associates to attended depositions, court proceedings, and various corporate transactions. During the summer, we also offer an extensive series of in-house seminars to give our summer associates further insight into the firm's areas of expertise.

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